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Supplying high quality home and aged care furniture throughout Australia, Medi Comfort create modern designs that offer everyday comfort and relief. From recliner lift chairs to mechanical mattresses and adjustable bedding, our medical-grade bedding and furniture is purpose built to suit residential and aged care settings.

At MediComfort, our mission is simple, to deliver designer aged care solutions that prioritise the comfort and wellbeing of Australia’s elderly population. Our service involves both direct partnerships with aged care homes and everyday residents in need of quality furniture solutions.

Ergonomic Relief Slepping

Convenient and Comfort

Providing comfortable and restful night’s sleep for people with chronic health conditions or post-surgery, by aiding circulation, breathing and swelling, it’s convenient for health professionals such as carers and nurses by using modern technologies such as Bluetooth connectivity.


Aged Care Furniture Suppliers in Australia​

Since our foundation, MediComfort have operated as trusted providers and advisors to the Australian Aged Care industry. We conduct thorough research and scientific tests to create furniture that directly suits the needs of aged care facilities. Most importantly, our products are always designed to prioritise the everyday comfort of residents and patients.

Our dedication to functionality, comfort and value for money have enabled us to become one of the premier aged care furniture suppliers in Australia. Our designer range includes electric adjustable beds, bedding accessories and state-of-the-art recliner lift chairs. MediComfort also offer fast dispatch and warranty guarantees for every purchase made.

Home Care Furniture for Elderly Residents in Australia​

Each individual’s situation and requirements are unique, it makes sense that customised aged care furniture is not only required by aged care facilities but also in those living home. From recliner chairs to adjustable mattresses and mobile bedside tables, our custom made products will also help to alleviate stress and strain across the home. Each product featured in our home-care series is scientifically tested and researched to maximise user comfort and function.

MediComfort’s medical-grade bedding and furniture also provides vital everyday assistance across Australian homes. This unique collection of bedroom and home care furniture is ideally suited to elderly and disabled individuals that live independently.


Focus on Sustainability

Natural and sustainable materials are sourced in our products and the manufacturing process is completely free of pollutants and wastewater, keeping our world safe for generations.


The Designer Range

Through research & science, we have designed a collection of electric lift chairs, recliners, and sleep systems that offer comfort & relief. Ensuring your every move is supported by Medi+Comfort Pressure Relieving Solution for a good rest.

Customer Reviews

  1. Jean CALCRAFT (verified owner)

    Everything was excellent with Melbourne, thank you Will, but the delivery was certainly not. I requested that the chair be brought down some steps from the carport to my house. I never knew that it was here until someone saw the box in the carport and told me. Only today was I able to get help to bring it down. This is the first time that any of my deliveries have just been left in the carport. It could easily have been stolen.

    Billy Power Lift Chair Dual MotorBilly Power Lift Chair Dual Motor

  2. Sarah McLeod (verified owner)

    I bought this for my 85 year old dad. I considered the purchase deeply and compared other brands. I decided on this one and I’m thrilled I did because my dad is in bliss like I’ve never seen before. Medi comfort were so helpful , dad didn’t have to lift a finger , just stagger into the chair and begin the relaxation that he will now enjoy forever. Thank you medi comfort .

    Billy Power Lift Chair Dual MotorBilly Power Lift Chair Dual Motor

  3. Bernie (verified owner)