With numerous recliner lift chairs for sale across Australia, MediComfort’s ecofriendly range are ideal for both home care and aged care setting. Each featuring comfortable Warwick upholstery and excellent lumbar support, we sell various options with single, dual or triple motor technology. Recliner lift chairs for home care provide excellent mobility assistance and allow elderly individuals to maintain their independent lifestyle. Embedded with intuitive functionality, each chair in our collection allows users to easily switch between standing and reclining positions. Unsure which chair fits your needs? Visit our chair comparison chart now.  

Recliner Lift Chairs for Aged Care and Home Care Facilities across Australia

Custom designed with comfort and usability in mind, MediComfort’s recliner lift chairs are ideal for aged care institutions and their patient’s requirements. Our Australia stock custom recliner lift chairs for the elderly also suit home care, offering unmatched usability and relief across all environments.

The simple addition of a motorised recliner lift chair provides critical assistance to hard working aged care staff and home care workers. No matter the setting, these intuitive adjustable seats can ease the burden for Australia’s elderly population.

Lift Chairs for Sale in Australia

Custom designed for aged care and home environments, MediComfort offer a dynamic range of lift chairs for sale across Australia. Featuring Warwick upholstery and single, dual or triple motor technology, lift chairs are a perfect cost-effective option for independent living and everyday adjustable seating.

Our sustainable range comes with safety and warranty guarantees, ensuring that you both receive a long term solution and value for money. Beyond sales to individual homes, we offer fast dispatch to aged care facilities and institutions across the country.

Visit this link for further information and a detailed comparison of each recliner chair.

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