Aged Care Furniture Sydney

Using research and science backed design, the MediComfort collection of lift chairs, electric beds and mechanical mattresses offer true comfort and relief for elderly Australians. For every purchase of our designed aged care solutions, we offer Sydney residents concrete safety and warranty guarantees. Alongside the supply of aged care furniture across Sydney, our medical-grade bedding and furniture are well suited to independent living arrangements and home care.

Bedside Locker 3 Drawers


Charlotte Power Recliner Triple Motor


Fall Mat / Crash Mat – PremiumLift


Height Adjustable Overbed Table – PremiumLift


Best Selling Products

Memory Foam Wedge Pillow


Memory Foam Leg Wedge


Billy Power Lift Chair Dual Motor


Waterproof Cover for 16cm Mattress


Ergonomic Relief Slepping

Convenient and Comfort

Providing comfortable and restful night’s sleep for people with chronic health conditions or post-surgery, by aiding circulation, breathing and swelling, it’s convenient for health professionals such as carers and nurses by using modern technologies such as Bluetooth connectivity.

MediComfort Kingdom HILO Adjustable Bed

Recliner Lift Chairs in Sydney

With ultra-soft Warwick upholstery and motor technology, MediComfort lift chairs are a cost-effective option for independent living and everyday adjustable seating. When mobility is an issue, lift chairs help to ease the burden for both the user and their carer. For state-of-the-art recliner lift chairs in Sydney, browse through our unique range of designer solutions.

To make sure you select the most appropriate option for your needs, carefully read our detailed chair comparison chart.

Electric Adjustable Beds for Sale in Sydney

A cost-effective option for home use, our modern range of electric adjustable beds are available across Sydney. Featuring ultra-soft fabrics and a robust sturdy frame, electric beds provide vital sleep assistance all year long. In addition, each dynamic bed sold offers increased ergonomic relief for staff and the highest possible comfort level for patients.

As experts in elderly bedding, our designer range also includes bedside tables, mechanical mattresses and easy to use overbed tables. All available for aged care and home care use, each not only complement our electric beds, but also feature dynamic intuitive technology.

Mechanical Mattresses for Sale in Sydney

MediComfort’s range of mechanical mattresses for sale in Sydney are German designed and TGA approved for medical grade use. Whether you require an electric mattress for the home or an aged care setting, all purchases come with a warranty and a guarantee for long-lasting safety.

For further information about our mechanical mattress range or any other MediComfort furniture, please contact on 1300 520 922 for all Sydney based enquiries.


Focus on Sustainability

Natural and sustainable materials are sourced in our products and the manufacturing process is completely free of pollutants and wastewater, keeping our world safe for generations.


The Designer Range

Through research & science, we have designed a collection of electric lift chairs, recliners, and sleep systems that offer comfort & relief. Ensuring your every move is supported by Medi+Comfort Pressure Relieving Solution for a good rest.